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Bittersweet News

Hello Everyone,

Like all of you, our year has been fraught with stress and challenges we never even dreamed could happen, and through it all we've done a lot of thinking and soul searching. In the end, we've decided that Uranium and Electron are to be the last two notebooks we (Elemental) make.

While we are truly thrilled that we got to make these last two notebooks, our personal lives and the world have changed dramatically since we put down the deposit for printing them back in February. And at the end of April, we welcomed our second child to the world while it felt it was falling down around us.

This company has been such an exciting venture for our family, but in the end, we've decided the time we usually put towards it will be best spent doing more things as a family and watching our kids grow up.

We do hope this isn't a goodbye forever, but at the least, it's a goodbye for now! Best wishes to all of you and your families.

Yours in Science,

The Elemental Team (Greg and Laurie)